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Prof. Dr. Peter Böni



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Academic Career and Research Areas

Professor Böni (b. 1955) uses neutron scattering to study the static and dynamic properties of magnetic and superconducting materials on the atomic scale. The goal of his research is to understand the macroscopic properties of these materials and to enable them to be used in industrial applications. His research focuses on highly correlated electron systems in the vicinity of phase transitions and on magnetic heterostructures for data storage and spintronics.

After studying physics at ETH Zurich, he received a doctorate for his work on dynamic light scattering at ETH in 1983. His scientific research took him to Brookhaven National Laboratory (until 1998) and the Paul Scherrer Institute, where his last position was deputy head of the ETH & PSI Neutron Scattering Lab. Professor Böni has been a professor in the Department of Experimental Physics III at TUM since 2000. He is a co-founder, chairman of the supervisory board, and CEO of SwissNeutronics AG and Deputy Head of Collaborative Research Center Transregio TRR 8.


  • IBM Prize of the Swiss Physical Society (1992)

Key Publications

Mühlbauer S, Binz B, Jonietz F, Pfleiderer F, Rosch A, Neubauer A, Georgii R, Böni P: “Skyrmion Lattice in a Chiral Magnet”. Science. 2009; 323: 915-919.

Böni P: “New Concepts for Neutron Instrumentation”, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A. 2008; 586: 1-8.

Braun HB, Kulda J, Roessli B, Visser D, Krämer KW, Güdel HU, and Böni P: “Emergence of Soliton Chirality in a Quantum Antiferromagnet”. Nature Physics. 2005; 1: 159-163.


Böni P, Roessli B, Görlitz D, Kötzler J: “Damping of Spin Waves and Singularity of the Longitudinal Modes in the Dipolar Critical Regime of the Heisenberg-Ferromagnet EuS”. Physical Review B. 1992; 65: 144434-(1-9).

Birgeneau RJ, Chen CY, Gabbe DR, Jenssen HP, Kastner MA, Peters CJ, Picone PJ, Thio T, Thurston TR, Tuller HL, Axe JD, Böni P, Shirane G: “Soft phonon behaviour and transport in single crystal La2CuO4”. Physical Review Letters. 1987; 59: 1329-1332.