Persönlicher Status und Werkzeuge

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Detlefsen

Deceased November 12, 2016

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Academic Career and Research Areas

The research activities of Prof. Detlefsen focus on active contactless processes for environment detection using electromagnetic waves. As well as obtaining information on distance, speed and direction, his work involves evaluation of all available information on objects and surfaces from the high frequency reflection behavior. One of the main applications for this work is the development of new methods for processing sensor information (MIMO radar, SAR).

Prof. Detlefsen studied electrical engineering at TUM. After completing his doctorate and lecturing qualification, he became professor for radio navigation and location. Since 1988, he has held the Chair of High Frequency Fields and Circuits. Prof. Detlefsen is a member of the German Institute of Navigation’s (DGON) “Radartechnik” (radar engineering) special committee and URSI Commission B. He is also a member of the “Mikrowellentechnik” (microwave engineering) committee of the Information Technology Society (ITG), and headed up its High Frequency Engineering group for several years. He has held the position of Chair of the European Conference on Wireless Technology (ECWT 2003) and of the European Radar Conference (EuRad 2007). 


    • Honorary Professor der University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC) in Chengdu (2001)
    • Best Paper Award MIOP'97 (1997)
    • Fellowship der "Japan Society for the Promotion of Science"
    • Literaturpreis der Informationstechnischen Gesellschaft (ITG) des VDE (1980)

    Key Publications

    Detlefsen J, Dallinger A, Schelkshorn S: “Approaches to Millimeter-Wave Imaging of Humans”. European Radar Conference EuRAD 2004, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, October 14–15, 2004: 279-282.

    Dallinger A, Bertl S, Detlefsen J: "Coherent Millimeter-Wave Imaging for Security Applications". European Radar Conference EuRAD 2007, München, Germany, October 11–12. 2007: 28-31.

    Winkler V, Detlefsen J: "Automotive 24 GHz pulse radar extended by a DQPSK communication channel". European Radar Conference EURAD 2007. art. no. 4404956. 2007: 138-141.

    Detlefsen J, Siart U: Grundlagen der Hochfrequenztechnik. München, Oldenbourg, 2. Auflage, 2006 (in German).

    Dallinger A, Bertl S, Schelkshorn S, Detlefsen J: "SAR Techniques for the Imaging of Humans. Electronic Proceedings". EUSAR 2006, 6th European Conference on Synthetic Aperture Radar, Dresden, Germany, May 16-18, 2006.