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Prof. Dr. Axel Göttlein

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Academic Career and Research Areas

The scientific work of the Division of Forest Nutrition is concerned with all aspects of nutrient cycles in forest ecosystems on different scales. The studies range from microscale processes at the plant/soil interface (rhizosphere) to questions about the nutrient supply of trees and the influence of forest management on the quantity and quality of seepage water. Current research focuses on the effects of the increased use of biomass on the sustainability of forest management as well as on reforestation studies of disaster areas in the forests of the Calcareous Alps.

Key Publications (all publications)

Nordmann B, Göttlein A, Binder F: „Einfluss unterschiedlicher Waldbestockung auf die Abflussbildung – ein Beispiel aus einem Wassereinzugsgebiet im Frankenwald“. Hydrologie u. Wasserbewirtschaftung. 2009; 53: 80-95.

Baier R, Meyer J, Göttlein A:  “Regeneration niches of Norway spruce (Picea abies [L.] Karst.) saplings in small canopy gaps in mixed mountain forests of the Bavarian Limestone Alps”. Eur. J. For. Res. 2007; 126: 11-22.

Huber C, Weis W, Göttlein A: “Tree nutrition of Norway spruce as modified by liming and experimental acidification at the Höglwald site, Germany, from 1982 to 2004”. Ann. For. Sci. 2006; 63: 861-869.

Göttlein A, Heim A, Kuhn AJ, Schröder WH: “In-situ application of stable isotope tracers in the rhizosphere of an oak seedling”. Eur. J. Forest Res. 2005; 124: 83-86.