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Prof. Dr. Alexander Holleitner



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Academic Career and Research Areas

Prof. Holleitner (b. 1973) explores the solid-state physics of optoelectronic phenomena at nanoscale level. The focus lies on the production and physical characterization of nanoscale electronic circuits for applications in information technology and photovoltaics.

After studying physics at Munich’s Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU) and the University of Nottingham in England, Prof. Holleitner became a research associate at the Chair of Solid-State Physics at LMU (Prof. Kotthaus). He also conducted research at the California Nanosystems Institute (Prof. Awschalom) of the University of California, Santa Barbara. Before lecturing at TUM, Prof. Holleitner was junior professor of nanoscience at LMU. Prof. Holleitner is a member of the German Physical Society (DPG) and the Center for International Collaboration (IOPCIC) of the Chinese Academy of Science.


  • Dissertationspreis der LMU München (2004)

Key Publications

Prechtel L, Song L, Manus S, Schuh D, Wegscheider W, Holleitner AW: “Time-resolved picosecond photocurrents in contacted carbon nanotubes”. Nano Letters. 2011; 11: 269-272.


Vögele XP, Schuh D, Wegscheider W, Kotthaus JP, Holleitner AW: “Density enhanced diffusion of dipolar excitons within a one-dimensional channel” Physical Review Letters. 2009; 103: 126402-1 - 126402-4.


Holleitner AW, Sih V, Myers, RC, Gossard AC, Awschalom DD: “Suppression of spin relaxation in submicron InGaAs wires”. Physical Review Letters. 2006; 97: 036805-1 - 036805-4.


Holleitner AW, Blick RH, Hüttel AK, Eberl K, Kotthaus JP: “Probing and controlling the bonds of an artificial molecule”. Science. 2002; 297: 70-72.


Holleitner AW, Qin H, Hüttel, Eberl K, Blick RH: “Coherent Coupling of Two Quantum Dots Embedded in an Aharonov-Bohm Interferometer”. Physical Review Letters. 2001; 87: 256802-1 - 256802-4.