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Prof. Dr. Egon Hörbst

Honorary Professor at TUM since 1999


Computer Aided Design

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Having completed his studies in mathematics and astronomy in Innsbruck with a doctoral degree in 1967, Professor Hörbst moved to Germany. After three years as a mathematician at life insurer Karlsruher Lebensversicherung he joined Siemens AG in Munich to work in the research laboratory. After conducting work on graphics systems, during which time the database of graphics methods was developed as the first universal system for all graphics devices, he concentrated his efforts on computer architecture für microcomputers, regular, RISC like structures and CAD for VLSI.
Over the next few years VENUS was developed, a CAD system designed by Professor Hörbst. This system was the first fully automatic design system for VLSI and was used at Siemens to develop integrated circuits and at 30 universities in Germany and abroad in their teaching and research. The book “Design of VLSI circuits based on VENUS” has been translated into numerous different languages and is used in the USA, China and Europe as a standard text book.


    • Spokesperson of the Information Society Working Group set up by the German Federal Government (1995)
    • Visiting professor at Brunel University, London (1987-1993)
    • Director of the research laboratory at Siemens AG (1989)  
    • Project leader VENUS and MEGA – LOGIC (1982-1987)