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Prof. Dr. Günter Kluge

Honorary Professor at TUM since 1994


Food Science – Potato and Cereal Products

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Professor Kluge started studying mechanical engineering at TH Stuttgart and TU Berlin in 1956. In 1959 he changed to TUM to study process engineering (Dipl.-Ing.). In 1962 he started his career at the Institute of Food Technology and Packaging (ILV) in Munich where he soon became head of the drying laboratory. Until 1967 he also provided consultancy services to industry (on freeze-drying coffee). In 1967 he acquired is doctorate for his work in the field of freeze-drying. After this he started working at the Munich facility of German food manufacturer Pfanni where he was involved in product, process and packaging development.
As of 1986 Professor Kluge was responsible for research and development, patents and licences, plant design and agriculture. A year later he was elected chairman of the Research Group of Processors of Potato Food Products (FNK), Wageningen/NL. In the same year he accepted a teaching assignment at TUM where he lectured on potato and cereal products until 2003. Professor Kluge has been working as a freelance food processing consultant since 1990 providing advice to leading European food companies.


    • Food processing consultant (1990-2003)
    • Head of research and development, Pfanni (1967-1989)
    • Head of the drying laboratory at the Institute of Food Technology and Packaging (ILV) (1963-1967)


    • The Beardsley Award (1996)