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Prof. Dr. Jörgen Kolar

Honorary Professor at TUM since 1977


Air Polution Control in Power
and Nuclear Engineering

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Professor Kolar studied mechanical engineering at TUM. During this time he undertook a student work placement at the Chair of Steam Engineering where he also worked as a research assistant from 1957 until November 1960 when he completed his studies.
In January 1961 he was employed as a member of the scientific staff in what had become known as the Chair of Thermal Engineering where he was responsible for a research project focusing on air pollution control. Professor Kolar continued to oversee this project after he became a research assistant in 1963 and had started lecturing on the subject of “boilers and combustion”. In 1969 he obtained a doctoral degree for his thesis on propagation theory and in 1970 he accepted a teaching assignment to lecture on air pollution control. After completing a course of post-graduate studies in industrial science and applied economics in 1970, Professor Kolar took up a position in March 1971 as personal assistant to Dr. Knoll, production director and general manager (Prokurist) at EWAG in Nuremberg. During the course of his career he has produced 62 published works. These include 3 contributions to books and 2 books of which he was the sole author.


    • Production director and general manager (Prokurist) at EWAG, now N-Ergie AG
    • Member of the supervisory board of EWAG (1979-1995)


    • Needle of Honor for services to the Technical Association of Large Power Plant Operators (VGB) (1993)