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Prof. Josef Vilsmeier

Honorary Professor at TUM since 2006


Mechatronics, Product Development

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Professor Vilsmeier studied mechanical engineering at TUM. His professional career started in 1978 at MBB, later EADS, in Ottobrunn/Munich. He worked in the design area, initially on metallic, later on fiber reinforced plastics. In 1990 he was made responsible for structural technologies. Professor Vilsmeier represented the company on several European Commission research and IT projects. During the course of his career the focus of his work gradually changed to IT technology. In 1994 he was nominated as an expert for IT-based business processes. In 1996 the company decided to introduce a PDM system and Professor Vilsmeier was appointed project manager. As of 1999 he represented the company as DPD manager (digital product definition) within the Eurofighter Consortium and was nominated head of DPD managers in 2004. In recent years he has been responsible for 3D visualization, electric processes and the development of a PLM system.
Within the context of the cooperation with TUM’s information technology in mechanical engineering unit, Professor Vilsmeier has supervised three doctoral studies. He is also the author of more than 40 publications. He ended his career in industry in 2012.


    • Manager PLM users (2008-2012)
    • Head of DPD managers Eurofighter (2004-2012)
    • PDM project manager (1996-1999)
    • Expert IT-based business processes (1994-2012)
    • Team leader fiber reinforced plastics (1988-1990)