Persönlicher Status und Werkzeuge

Prof. Dr. Urs Hugentobler

Associate Professor

Satellite Geodesy

Contact Details

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Academic Career and Research Areas

The research focus of Professor Hugentobler (b. 1959) is precision geodetic applications for global satellite navigation systems such as GPS and the European Galileo system. In addition to precise localization for geodynamic applications, this includes precise orbit determination and modeling for navigation satellites and low-orbit satellites, as well as time and frequency transfer. His research tasks also include scientific support for the operation of the Wettzell Geodetic Observatory in collaboration with the German Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy.

Professor Hugentobler studied theoretical physics at the University of Bern and received a doctorate in astronomy from the same university in 1997. After working as a postdoctoral researcher at the European Space Agency (ESA), he joined the University of Bern in 1999 as head of the GPS Research Group. He has headed TUM’s Department of Space Geodesy and TUM’s Space Geodesy Research Unit since 2006.

Key Publications

Steigenberger P, Seitz M, Böckmann S, Tesmer V, Hugentobler U: „Precision and accuracy of GPS-derived station displacements“. Physics and Chemistry of the Earth. 2010; in press.


Schreiber KU, Prochazka I, Lauber P, Hugentobler U, Schäfer W, Cacciapuoti L, Nasca R: „Ground-based demonstration of the European Laser Timing (ELT) experiment“. IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics and Frequency Control. 2010; 57(3): 728-737.


Jäggi A, Dach R, Montenbruck O, Hugentobler U, Bock H, Beutler G: „Phase center modeling for LEO GPS receiver antennas and its impact on precise orbit determination“. Journal of Geodesy. 2009; 83(12): 1145-1162.


Bock H, Jäggi A, Svetla D, Beutler G, Hugentobler U, Visser P. „Precise Orbit Determination for the GOCE satellite using GPS". Advances in Space Research. 2007; 39(10): 1638-1647.


Urschl C, Beutler G, Gurtner W, Hugentobler U, Schaer S. „Contribution of SLR tracking data to GNSS orbit determination“. Advances in Space Research. 2007; 39(10): 1515-1523.