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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Jossen

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Academic Career and Research Areas

The Chair of Prof. Jossen (b. 1963) explores electrochemical energy storage for stationary, mobile and portable applications. Of particular interest are the characterization, modeling and operating strategies of storage systems and battery management issues.

After studying electrical engineering at the University of Stuttgart, Prof. Jossen was a research fellow at the Chair of Theory of Electrical Engineering. He has worked in the field of energy storage for photovoltaic systems. Prior to becoming a full professor at TUM, he worked at the Centre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen in Ulm until 2010. During that time, he headed up a workgroup on battery system technology.

Key Publications

Herb F, Frank A, Nitsche C et al.: “Optimization of Fuel Cell and Battery Control in Relation to Component Aging of Fuel Cell Power Train”. AT-AUTOMATISIERUNGSTECHNIK. 2009; 57: 40-47.

Jossen A, Garche J, Doering H et al.: ” Hybrid systems with lead-acid battery and proton-exchange membrane fuel cell”.  JOURNAL OF POWER SOURCES. 2005; 144: 395-401.

Jossen A, Garche J, Sauer DU: “Operation conditions of batteries in PV applications”. SOLAR ENERGY. 2004; 76: 759-769.

Piller S, Perrin M, Jossen A: “Methods for state-of-charge determination and their applications”. JOURNAL OF POWER SOURCES. 2001; 96: 113-120.

Jossen A: “Fundamentals of battery dynamics”. JOURNAL OF POWER SOURCES. 2006; 154: 530-538.