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Prof. Wolfgang Kellerer

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Academic Career and Research Areas

The research interests of Professor Kellerer (b. 1970) include methods and systems for mobile and fixed communication networks as an infrastructure for future Internet communication. His research work focuses primarily on concepts for the dynamic control of network infrastructure (Software Defined Networking) and traffic management, as well as on the support of emerging applications such as Smart Grid and e-Mobility.

After studying electrical engineering and information technology at TUM, he obtained his PhD from the same university in 2002. Following a period as a visiting researcher at Stanford University, California, USA, he joined NTT DOCOMO’s European Research Institute (DOCOMO Euro-Labs) where he most recently served as the head of the Wireless Communication and Networking Research Department. Professor Kellerer has been a full professor at TUM since July 2012. Professor Kellerer is a senior member of IEEE.


  • Preis der Informationstechnischen Gesellschaft (ITG) im VDE (2008)
  • Best Student Paper Award auf der IEEE CCNC (2010)

Key Publications (all publications)

Römer K, Ostermaier B, Mattern F, Fahrmair M, Kellerer W: „Real-Time Search for Real-World Entities: A Survey”. Proceedings of the IEEE. Special Issue on Sensor Network Applications. 2010; 98(11): 1887 - 1902.


Shacham R, Schulzrinne H, Thakolsri S, Kellerer W: “Ubiquitous Device Personalization: The Next Generation of IP Telephony”. ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Applications (TOMCCAP). 2007; 3(2): Article No. 12.


Zoels S, Despotovic Z, Kellerer W: “Cost-Based Analysis of Hierarchical DHT Design”. In proc. 6th IEEE Intl. Conference on P2P Computing. 2006 Sept. 6-8, Cambridge: 233-236.


Khan S, Sgroi M, Peng Y, Steinbach E, Kellerer W: “Application-driven Cross Layer Optimization for Video Streaming over Wireless Networks”. IEEE Communications Magazine. Special Issue on Cross-Layer Protocol Engineering. 2006; 44(1): 122-130.


Kellerer W, Vögel HJ, Steinberg KE: “A Communication Gateway for Infrastructure Independent 4G Wireless Access”. IEEE Communications Magazine. 2002; 40(3): 126-131.