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Prof. Dr. Klaus Köhler


Inorganic Chemistry



Academic Career and Research Areas

The work focuses on preparation, characterization and catalytic properties of molecular transition metal compounds on surfaces of solids (Surface Organometallic Chemistry, molecular heterogeneous catalysis). The synthesis of solids and the modification of their surfaces aim on new materials and catalysts with tailored properties. Catalytic reactions include nitrogen oxide abatement, selective oxidation of hydrocarbons, hydrogenations and catalysis for fine chemical synthesis as for CC coupling reactions.

Klaus Köhler, Professor of Inorganic Chemistry, TU Munich, since 1996. He received the diploma degree (1985) and doctoral degree Dr. rer. Nat. (1988) from the University of Leipzig. Postdoc positions followed 1990-93 at the University of Fribourg, 1993-94 at the ETH Zurich (both Switzerland) and 1994-96 at the Fritz Haber Institute (Max Planck Society) in Berlin, 1996 habilitation at the Technische Universität Berlin. 1996 he accepted a call for to TUM.

Key Publications (all publications)

Burger T, Koschany F, Thomys O, Köhler K, Hinrichsen O: "CO2 methanation over Fe- and Mn-promoted co-precipitated Ni-Al catalysts: Synthesis, characterization and catalysis study". Applied Catalysis A, General. 2018; 558: 44-54.


Barman S, Maity N, Bhatte K, Ould-Chikh S, Dachwald O, Haeßner C, Saih Y, Abou-Hamad E, Llorens I, Hazemann J-L, Köhler K, D’ Elia V, Basset J-M: "Single-Site VOx Moieties Generated on Silica by Surface Organometallic Chemistry: A Way To Enhance the Catalytic Activity in the Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Propane". ACS Catalysis. 2016; 6: 5908−5921.


Meyer S, Nikiforov AV, Petrushina IM, Köhler K, Christensen E, Jensen JO, Bjerrum NJ: "Transition metal carbides (WC, Mo2C, TaC, NbC) as potential electrocatalysts for the hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) at medium temperatures". International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. 2015; 40: 2905-2911.


Röhlich C, Köhler K: "Macrocyclic Palladium(II) Complexes in C-C Coupling Reactions: Efficient Catalysis by Controlled Temporary Release of Active Species". Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis. 2010; 352: 2263 – 2274.


Köhler K, Kleist W, Pröckl SS: "Genesis of Coordinatively Unsaturated Palladium Complexes Dissolved from Solid Precursors during Heck Coupling Reactions and Their Role as Catalytically Active Species". Inorganic Chemistry. 2007; 46: 1876-1883.