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Prof. Christian Pfleiderer



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Academic Career and Research Areas

Prof. Pfleiderer (b. 1965) works in the field of experimental solid-state physics. The aim of his research is to search systematically for new material properties arising from strong electronic correlations. Examples include new forms of magnetism, unconventional superconduction and anomalous metallic states. His experimental methodologies include single crystal growth of intermetallic compounds under high-purity conditions, the measurement of transport and volume properties under extreme conditions and a wide range of neutron scattering methods.

Prof. Pfleiderer studied physics at the University of Tübingen and the University of Denver. Grants from the EU, the German National Academic Foundation and the British Research Council allowed him to do his doctorate at Cambridge University. Following postdoctoral work at CEA Grenoble (1994-96) and periods as a research associate and head of a Helmholtz junior research group at Karlsruhe Research Center, he became an associate professor at TUM in 2004. Prof. Pfleiderer is a liaison lecturer at the German National Academic Foundation. He is on the board of the German Research Foundation’s Transregio 80 collaborative research center and the associated integrated graduate school. He is also Vice Chairman of the Committee on Neutron Research (KFN).


Akademiepreis der Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften (2004)

Key Publications

Jonietz F, Mühlbauer S, Pfleiderer C, Neubauer A, Münzer W, Bauer A, Georgii R, Böni P, Duine RA, Everschor K, Garst M,  Rosch A. " Spin Transfer Torques in MnSi at Ultra-low Current Densities". Science. 2010; 330: 1648.


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Pfleiderer C, Reznick D, Pintschovius L, Löhneysen H, Garst M, Rosch A: „Partial order in the non-Fermi liquid phase of MnSi”. Nature. 2004; 427: 227.