Prof. Dr. Job Boekhoven



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Academic Career and Research Areas

The research group of Job Boekhoven (b. 1984) aims at developing conceptually new supramolecular materials through non-equilibrium self-assembly. The platforms developed in the lab will be used for a wide range of applications, including healthcare and robotics. Research in the group is heavily bio-inspired and uses organic, physical and supramolecular chemistry as its toolboxes.
Boekhoven holds an undergraduate degree in chemistry from the University of Groningen, where he majored in organic chemistry, and a PhD degree (2012) in chemistry from Delft University of Technology, both in the Netherlands. Before his appointment at TUM, he was a Rubicon postdoctoral fellow at Northwestern University in Chicago. In January 2016 Boekhoven was appointed Rudolf Mößbauer Professor at TUM, heading a research group in supramolecular materials.


  • NWO Rubicon Postdoctoral Fellowship (2012)
  • COST Scientific Mission Award (2008)

Key Publications (alle Publikationen)

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