Prof. Dr. Jia Chen

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Academic Career and Research Areas

Jia Chen’s research focuses on the study of greenhouse gas emissions and understanding the metabolism of pollutants in urban environments. Besides the development of novel, compact optical sensors, she is also interested in establishing a regional sensor network with differential column measurements. Her research topics include atmospheric measurements with solar-tracking instrumentation, Fourier transform spectrometry, tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy with surface emitting lasers, fiber-based gas sensors, satellite based remote sensing (OCO-2), and atmospheric modeling.
Jia Chen studied electrical engineering at KIT (Dipl.-Ing.) and was awarded a PhD with distinction (summa cum laude) from TUM. From 2011 to 2015 she was a postdoctoral fellow in the Environmental Science & Engineering department at Harvard University. During that time she was a co-investigator of the NSF project “MRI: Acquisition of Mesoscale Network of Surface Sensors and Solar-tracking Spectrometers”. Since 2015 Jia Chen has headed the Environmental Sensing and Modeling group at TUM. She is also an Associate at Harvard University. She is (co-)author of more than 60 publications and has filed 11 patents.


Key Publications

Chen J, Viatte C, Hedelius JK, Jones T, Franklin JE, Parker H, Gottlieb EW, Wennberg PO, Dubey MK, Wofsy SC: "Differential Column Measurements Using Compact Solar-Tracking Spectrometers". Atmos. Chem. Phys. Discuss. 2016; doi:10.5194/acp-2015-1058.


Chen J, Hangauer A, Strzoda R, Amann MC: "VCSEL-based Calibration-free Carbon Monoxide Sensor at 2.3 µm with in-line Reference Cell". Applied Physics B. 2011; 102(2): 381-389.


Chen J, Hangauer A, Strzoda R, Amann MC: "Laser spectroscopic oxygen sensor using diffuse reflector based optical cell and advanced signal processing". Applied Physics B. 2010; 100(2): 417-425.


Chen J, Hangauer A, Strzoda R, Fleischer M, Amann MC: "Low-Level and Ultra-Low Volume Hollow Waveguide Based Carbon Monoxide Sensor". Optics Letters. 2010; 35(21): 3577-3579.


Chen J, Hangauer A, Amann MC: "Simplified Model of the Dynamic Thermal Tuning Behavior of VCSELs". IEEE photonics technology Letters. 2008; 20(13): 1082-1084.