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Prof. Dr. Karsten Stahl


Machine Elements

Academic Career and Research Areas

Prof. Stahl (*1969) conducts research in the area of mechanical drive systems. His main research interests are drive components, such as gears, synchronizers, multi-disc clutches, rolling bearings, and electromechanical drive systems. The focus of his investigations is on load capacity, efficiency, dynamics and EHD tribocontact. Research results are incorporated into the development of calculation programs and standardization processes.
Prof. Stahl studied mechanical engineering at TUM and did his doctorate from 1994 to 2000 at the Institute of Machine Elements. In 2001, he joined BMW, first as a gear development engineer, then as head of gear development in Dingolfing. From 2006 on, he worked at MINI Oxford as quality manager for transmissions, later as quality manager for powertrains and suspensions. In 2009, he took over responsibility for the early development and innovation management of powertrain and vehicle dynamics systems at BMW in Munich. Since 2011, Stahl has been a full professor at the Institute of Machine Elements, the Gear Research Centre (FZG)


  • Goldene Lehre: Best course of lectures in MW-Bachelor (2018)
  • Goldene Lehre: Best course of lectures in MW-Bachelor (2016)
  • Goldene Lehre: 2nd best course of lectures in MW-Bachelor (2015)
  • VDI Ring of Honors Award (2005)
  • FAG Kugelfischer Award (1992)

Key Publications

Hasl C, Liu H, Oster P, Tobie T, Stahl K: "Method for calculating the tooth root stress of plastic spur gears meshing with steel gears under consideration of deflection-induced load sharing“. Mechanism and Machine Theory. 2017; 111: 152-163.


Lohner T, Ziegltrum A, Stemplinger JP, Stahl K: "Engineering Software Solution for Thermal Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication Using Multiphysics Software“. Advances in Tribology. 2016; 2016 (6507203).


Bobzin K, Brögelmann T, Stahl K, Michaelis K, Mayer J, Hinterstoißer M: "Friction reduction of highly-loaded rolling-sliding contacts by surface modifications under elasto-hydrodynamic lubrication“. Wear. 2015; 328-329: 217-228.


Lohner T, Merz R, Mayer J, Michaelis K, Kopnarski M, Stahl K: "On the effect of plastic deformation (PD) additives in lubricants“. Tribologie und Schmierungstechnik. 2014; Volume 62(2): 13-24.


Gorla C, Concli F, Stahl K, Höhn BR, Michaelis K, Schultheiß H, Stemplinger JP: "Hydraulic losses of a gearbox: CFD analysis and experiments“. Tribology International. 2013; 66: 337-344.