Persönlicher Status und Werkzeuge

TUM Junior Fellows

Since 2007 the Technische Universität München has bestowed the title "TUM Junior Fellow" upon those junior researchers who have started their own independent research groups financed through third-party funding as a result of their successful applications from one of various highly competitive programs. The TUM Junior Fellows include fellowship holders from the following institutions/programs: TUM Institute for Advanced Study, Junior Research Group Leaders from Helmholtz Programs, Emmy Noether (DFG), Max Eder (German Cancer Aid), Sofia Kovalevskaya (Alexander von Humboldt Foundation), BMBF Programs, BioSysNet (Bavarian State Ministry), and International Junior Group Leaders from the Elitenetzwerk Bayern. Furthermore holders from Starting and Consolidator Grants (ERC), Liebig (Chemical Industry Fund), and Heisenberg Fellowship (DFG) are bestowed  as "TUM Junior Fellow".

TUM Junior Fellows are entitled to serve as primary reviewer for their own employees in doctoral procedures, as well as to review Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Diploma theses. Furthermore, they are treated the same as faculty members when it comes to matters of deliberation and opinion-forming measures within the faculty. They are included in the allocation of funds within their faculties, and their projects are regarded as third-party funding for the allocation of funds within their faculties.