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Dr. Guido von Figura

Emmy Noether Research Group

Mechanismen der Pankreaskarzinogenese unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des zellulären Ursprungs

II. Medical Clinic and Policlinic

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Academic Career and Research Areas

Dr. Guido von Figura (b. 1981) studied medicine at the Universities of Feriburg and Cambridge (UK) (2001-2007) and achieved his dissertation 2007 in the Department of Pharmacology at Freiburg University. After clinical and scientific work in the Department of Gastroenterology of the University hospital and Molecular Medicine at Ulm University he performed a DFG-funded postdoctoral research activity at the University of California, San Francisco (2011-2013). He then joined the II. Medizinische Klinik of the Klinikum Rechts der Isar to now continue his research activities funded by an Emmy Noether fellowship by the DFG.


Dr. Guido von Figura conducts research in the area of pancreatic carcinogenesis. He focuses on the (epi-)genetic mechanisms that regulate the plasticity of the cell of origin and the progression of pancreatic cancer.


    • Emmy Noether Programm (2015)
    • KKF Förderung der TU München (2014)
    • DFG Forschungsstipendium (2011-2013)
    • Stipendium der Klein Family Foundation (2011-2013)
    • Bausteinförderung der Universität Ulm (2009)

    Key Publications

    Missios P*, Zhou Y*, Guachalla LM*, von Figura G*, Wegner A, Chakkarappan SR, Binz T, Gompf A, Hartleben G, Burkhalter MD, Wulff V, Günes C, Sattler RW, Song Z, Illig T, Klaus S, Böhm BO, Wenz T, Hiller K, Rudolph KL (2014) Glucose substitution prolongs maintenance of energy homeostasis and lifespan of telomere dysfunctional mice. Nat Commun. 18;5:4924. *contributed equally


    von Figura G*, Fukuda A*, Roy N*, Liku ME*, Morris JP 4th, Kim GE, Russ HA, Firpo MA, Mulvihill SJ, Dawson DW, Ferrer J, Mueller WF, Busch A, Hertel KJ, Hebrok M (2014) The Chromatin Regulator Brg1 Suppresses Formation of Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasm and Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma. Nature Cell Biology 16(3):255-67. *contributed equally


    von Figura G, Morris JP 4th, Wright CV, Hebrok M. (2014) Nr5a2 maintains acinar cell differentiation and constrains oncogenic Kras-mediated pancreatic neoplastic initiation. Gut. 63(4):656-64.


    Kopp JL*, von Figura G*, Mayes E, Liu F, Dubois CL, Morris JPI, Pan FC, Akiyama H, Wright CVE, Jensen K, Hebrok M, Sander M. (2012) Identification of Sox9-Dependent Acinar-to-Ductal Reprogramming as the Principal Mechanism for Initiation of Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma, Cancer Cell, 11;22(6):737-50. *contributed equally


    von Figura G, Wagner M, Nalapareddy K, Hartmann D, Kleger A, Guachalla LM, Rolyan H, Adler G, Rudolph KL. (2011) Regeneration of the exocrine pancreas is delayed in telomere-dysfunctional mice. PLoS One. 22;6(2):e17122.