Prof. Dr. Sophie F. Armanini



Academic Career and Research Areas

Sophie Armanini's research interests include flight dynamics, system identification and control, especially for unconventional and unmanned aircraft – with the goal of enabling higher efficiency and sustainability, improved performance and novel applications. A major focus of her work prior to joining TUM has been on bio-inspired flight. Her current research will additionally extend to apply her background in unconventional aircraft mechanics to investigate more sustainable flight solutions, including electric and hybrid aircraft.

Sophie Armanini graduated in aerospace engineering at TUM, and received her PhD in 2018 from Delft University of Technology (Netherlands), where she worked on modelling and system identification of flapping-wing micro air vehicles. From 2018 to 2020 she held a position of Research Associate at Imperial College London. She has also been a visiting researcher at Cornell University (USA) and Cranfield University (UK). In October 2020, Sophie Armanini was appointed assistant professor for eAviation at TUM.


  • Best poster award at the Symposium on Adaptive Motion in Animals and Machines, 2019
  • Best paper award at the International Conference on Intelligent Unmanned Systems, 2015

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