TUM – Technical University of Munich Menü

Professors with Emmy Noether Junior Research Group

Gulder Tanja - Assistant Professorship of Biomimetic Catalysis
Project title: Learning from nature’s lessons: development of bioinspired catalysts for selective oxidative halogenations and their application for the creation of potent biomedical agents

Gulder Tobias Alexander Marius - Assistant Professorship of Biosystems Chemistry
Project title: Development of novel biocatalysts for the chemo-enzymatic total synthesis of complex antiinvective peptide natural products and of analogs with optimized biological activity

Gutjahr Caroline - Assistant Professorship of Plant Genetics
Project title: Phytohormone signaling in arbuscular mycorrhiza development

Günnemann Stephan - Assistant Professorship of Data Mining and Analytics
Project title: Robust Data Mining of Large-Scale Attributed Graphs

Krahmer Felix - Assistant Professorship of Optimization and Data Analysis
Project title: RaSenQuaSI: Randomized Sensing and Quantization of Signals and Images

Schusser Benjamin - Assistant Professorship of Reproductive Biology
Project title: Genetically engineered chicken models: novel tools to investigate lymphocyte development and function

Wachter-Zeh Antonia - Assistant Professorship of Coding for Communications and Data Storage
Project title: Error-Correcting Coding Strategies for Data Storage and Networks