Dr. Carina de Oliveira Mann

Emmy Noether Junior Research Group

Cyclic Nucleotide Second Messenger Signaling in Antiviral Immunity and Development

Institute of Virology

Academic Career and Research Areas

Dr. de Oliveira Mann studied biochemistry at TUM (2011). During her PhD at the LMU, Gene Center (2012-2016), she studied the functions of nucleotidyltransferase (NTase) family members. As a postdoc at Harvard Medical School/ Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (2016-2019), she worked on STING-dependent immune responses. Later as a postdoc at LMU, her research focused on how the DNA immune sensor cGAS discriminates between self and foreign DNA. Dr. de Oliveira Mann joined the Institute of Virology at TUM as an Emmy Noether group leader in August 2021.

Dr. de Oliveira Mann studies how our immune system and its receptors distinguish between self and non-self, focusing on NTases. Several uncharacterized human NTases and their products remain to be discovered, despite their importance in biological processes ranging from immunity to development. Her group aims to reveal the molecular function of these NTases and to discover novel nucleotide-based second messengers.


    • Emmy-Noether Research Group, German Research Foundation (since 2021)
    • Cancer Research Institute: Postdoctoral Fellowship (2017–2021)

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