Dr. Sergej Moroz

Emmy Noether Group

Few- and Many-body Quantum Physics of Two-dimensional Fluids

Theoretical Physics T34, Prof. Wilhelm Zwerger 

Academic Career and Research Areas

The main area of expertise of Dr. Sergej Moroz (b. 1983) is theoretical condensed matter physics and universal few-body quantum mechanics. During PhD studies he started research on ultracold quantum gases, a subject of great theoretical and experimental interest. More recently he became especially interested in various low-dimensional many-body topological quantum systems.

Dr. Sergej Moroz obtained his Masters degree in Physics at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. In 2008 he moved to Heidelberg, Germany where he received his PhD in Physics from Heidelberg University in 2011. As a postdoc, he first joined in 2011 the nuclear theory group at University of Washington, Seattle and next in 2014 became a Research Associate in the condensed matter theory group at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Since August 2016 he is a leader of an Emmy Noether junior research group at TUM.


• Vaclav Votruba prize (2012)

• Milan Odehnal second prize (2012)

• Klaus Tschira scholarship (2008)

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“On a scale-invariant Fermi gas in a time-dependent harmonic potential” Sergej Moroz 
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