TUM – Technical University of Munich Menü

Prof. Dr.-Ing. André Borrmann

Academic Career and Research Areas

Professor Borrmann (b. 1978) conducts research in the field of computer-aided development of engineering products, with particular emphasis on applications for the built environment. Current research topics range from advancing building information modeling methods to the topological analysis of 3D product models and the generation of digital twins for existing facilities through to the simulation of construction processes and pedestrian dynamics.

After studying civil engineering at Bauhaus University Weimar, Professor Borrmann completed his Ph.D. at the TUM Chair of Computation in Engineering in cooperation with Siemens AG, receiving his Doctorate in 2007. He continued working as a research group leader at TUM and later became Associate Professor for Computational Modeling and Simulation in 2011, before he was appointed as Full Professor in 2012. Since 2013, he has been Speaker of the Leonhard Obermeyer Center. He is editorial board member of the renowned journal Advanced Engineering Informatics and is a member of the steering committee of the European Group for Intelligent Computing in Engineering.


  • Best Paper Award, European Conference on Product and Process Modeling  (2018)
  • Charles M. Eastman Top PhD Paper Award, CIB-W 78 Conference (2016)
  • Best Paper Award, Int. Conference on Computing in Civil and Building Engineering (2014)
  • Best Paper Award, Int. Conference on Civil and Building Engineering Informatics  (2013)
  • Best Paper Award, ASCE Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering (2009)

Key Publications (all publications)

Bügler M, Borrmann A, Ogunmaking G, Vela PA, Teizer J: "Fusion of Photogrammetry and Video Analysis for Productivity Assessment of Earthwork Processes". Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering. 2017; 32(2): 107–123.


Vilgertshofer S, Borrmann A: "Using graph rewriting methods for the semi-automatic generation of parametric infrastructure models". Advanced Engineering Informatics. 2017; 33(1): 502-515.


Borrmann A, Kolbe TH, Donaubauer A, Steuer H, Jubierre JR, Flurl M: "Multi-Scale Geometric-Semantic Modeling of Shield Tunnels for GIS and BIM Applications". Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering. 2015; 30(4): 263-281.


Borrmann A, Rank E: "Topological analysis of 3D Building Models using a Spatial Query Language". Advanced Engineering Informatics. 2009; 23(4): 370-385.


Borrmann A., Schraufstetter S, Rank E: "Implementing metric operators of a Spatial Query Language for 3D Building Models: Octree and B-Rep approaches". Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering. 2009; 23(1): 34-46.