Heisenberg Professors

Auwärter Wilhelm - Assistant Professorship of Molecular Engineering at Functional Interfaces
Project title: Functionality of Individual Molecules and Nano-Architectures on Advanced Substrates

Högliner Günter U. - Department of Neurology
Project title: From the aetiology towards a therapy of Progressive Supranuclear Palsy

Jirauschek Christian - Assistant Professorship of Computational Photonics
Project title: Modeling of innovative laser sources with emphasis on nonlinear quantum cascade lasers for the terahertz and infrared region and rapidly wavelength-swept fiber lasers for biomedical applications

Mägdefessel Lars - Clinic and Policlinic for Vascular Surgery
Project title: Therapeutic and biomarker potential of non-coding RNAs in vascular disease

Ploner Markus - Department of Neurology
Project title: Neurophysiological correlates of tonic and chronic pain

Resconi Elisa - Associate Professorship of Experimental Physics with Cosmic Particles
Project title: IceCube and Beyond