Teaching staff

The teaching staff of the Technical University of Munich includes 566 professors, who represent the core subjects of the 15 departments. Honorary professors lecture on specific aspects of professional practice. The staff currently consists as follows:

  • 594 Professors
    thereof 43 joint appointments with non-university research institutes
  • 217 Honorary Professors
  • 67 TUM Distinguished Affiliated Professors

For easy reading, the profiles of full-time faculty members are listed as short summaries – alphabetically and by faculty – in the professor portal. Detailed descriptions can be found on the websites of the TUM Departments.

Through its consistent hiring policy, the Technische Universität München has been able to significantly increase its number of full-time female professors. The proportion of women in the professorate is currently 19,4% (compared to 14% at ETH Zurich, Oxford University 16%, MIT 23%).

All Photos - Copyright TUM/ Uli Benz, Astrid Eckert and Andreas Heddergott