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Academic Career and Research Areas

Professor Horstmann (b. 1961) researches in the field of conservative and rehabilitative orthopedics with the goal of early recognition of orthopedic pathology, improving preoperative care and accelerating postoperative return of patients to everyday life.

Professor Horstmann studied medicine at the University of Freiburg, completing an additional course in sports science. He earned his PhD (1987) in Freiburg and acquired his postdoctoral teaching qualification (habilitation) (1999) at the University Hospital of Tübingen where he headed the Sports Orthopedics Department. Since 2008 Professor Horstmann has been head physician at the Medical Park Clinic St. Hubertus Bad Wiessee. He is a member of several national and international scientific societies and professional associations, including the American College of Sports Medicine, the German Medical Society for Sports Medicine and Prevention (DGSP), the German Society for Manual Medicine (DGMM), the German Society for Orthopedic Trauma and Sports Medicine (GOTS), and the German Association of Leading Orthopedic and Accident Surgeons (VLOU).

Key Publications (all publications)

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Boeer J, Mueller O, Krauss I, Haupt G, Axmann D, Horstmann T: “Effects of a sensory-motor exercise program for older adults with osteoarthritis or prosthesis of the hip using measurements made by the Posturomed oscillatory platform”. J. Geriatic Phys. Ther. 2010; 33 (1): S. 10 - 15.


Krauss I., Grau S., Maiwald C., Mauch M., Horstmann T: “Sex-related differences in foot shape of adult Caucasian – a follow-up study focussing on long and short feet”. Ergonomics 2011; 54 (3): S. 294 - 300.