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Prof. Dr. Anja Rammig

Assistant Professor

Land Surface-Atmosphere Interactions

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Academic Career and Research Areas

Anja Rammig investigates the impact of global environmental change on ecosystems and potential feedbacks to the climate system. In her work she develops and applies computer models in combination with observational data. Her research focusses on estimating the stability of the Amazon rainforest under climate and land use-change, quantifying extreme events in ecosystems and investigating interactions between the land surface and atmosphere on a regional scale.
Rammig (b. 1975) studied biology at Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg and obtained a PhD in environmental sciences from ETH Zurich in 2006. During the course of her academic career she has held positions at the Swiss Federal Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research (SLF), in the Department of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science at Lund University and at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK). In 2015 she was appointed as assistant professor for Land Surface-Atmosphere Interactions at TUM.

    Key Publications

    Rammig A, Wiedermann M, Donges J, Babst F, von Bloh W, Frank D, Thonicke K, Mahecha M: “Coincidences of climate extremes and anomalous vegetation responses: comparing tree-ring patterns to simulated productivity”. Biogeosciences. 2015; 12, 373-385.


    Zemp DC, Schleussner C-F, Barbosa HMJ, Van der Ent RJ, Donges JF, Heinke J, Sampaio G, Rammig: „On the importance of cascading moisture recycling in South America”. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 2014; 14, 13337-13359.


    Reichstein M, Bahn M, Ciais P, Frank D, Mahecha MD, Seneviratne SI, Zscheischler J, Beer C, Buchmann N, Frank DC, Papale D, Rammig A, Smith P, Thonicke K, van der Velde M, Vicca S, Walz A and Wattenbach M: „Climate extremes and the carbon cycle“. Nature. 2013; 500, 287-295.


    Rammig  A, Jupp  TE, Thonicke  K, Tietjen  B, Heinke  J, Ostberg  S, Lucht  W, Cramer  W, Cox  PM: “Estimating the risk of Amazonian forest dieback”. New Phytologist. 2010; 187(3): 694–706.


    Rammig A, Fahse L: “Simulating forest succession after blowdown events: The crucial role of space for a realistic management”. Ecological Modelling. 2009; 220(24): 3555–3564.