Prof. Dr. Daniel J. Rixen


Applied Mechanics

Academic Career and Research Areas

Professor Rixen has worked for more than twenty five years on theoretical, numerical and experimental aspects of the dynamics of structures and systems. His activities encompass simulations and measurements of vibrations as well as domain decomposition for parallel computing, modelling of multiphysical systems and model reduction techniques. Since 2012, he is also heavily involved in the planing and control of robots and mechatronical systems. Developments are pursued in collaboration with academic partners and industry in domains such as aeronautics and aerospace, automotive, mechatronics, wind energy, microsystems or medical instruments.

Professor Rixen, (b. 1967) received his engineering degree (electro-mechanics) from the University of Liège (ULg, Belgium) and an MSc degree in Aerospace Vehicle Design from the College of Aeronautics in Cranfield (UK). He obtained his doctorate degree from ULg in 1997, supervised by Professor Géradin. After a research assistantship at the Center for Aerospace of the University of Colorado (USA), in 2000 he became a full professor at Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands) where he held the Chair of Engineering Dynamics. Since 2012 he has headed the Department of Applied Mechanics at TUM.


  • Award for best lecturer, Department 3mE, TU Delft (2009, 2010)

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