Prof. Dr. Peter Tassani-Prell



Academic Career and Research Areas

The research of Professor Tassani (b. 1960), director of the Institute for Anesthesiology at the German Heart Centre in Munich, focuses primarily on pediatric cardioanesthesia, early postoperative inflammatory reaction, coagulation monitoring, autologous blood donation in cardiac surgical patients and electroacupuncture anesthesia.

Professor Tassani completed his medical studies at LMU Munich and received his PhD in 1987. Following further training leading to his German medical board certification in anesthesiology, he worked as a senior physician in the field of cardioanesthesia at the Institute for Anesthesiology at LMU (working with Professor Dr. Dr. h. c. K. Peter). As of April 1992 he played a leading role in setting up an interdisciplinary unit for the perioperative care of patients with congenital heart defects. He acquired his postdoctoral teaching qualification (habilitation) in 2000 at TUM. This was followed by an appointment to a C3 professorship position with research interests in the area of cardiac anesthesia in the Department of Anesthesiology headed by Professor Koch at TUM. From 2006 to 2010 Professor Tassani was chairman of a working group of leading cardio-anesthetists (AG leitender Kardioanästhesisten e.V.).

Key Publications

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Tassani P, Barankay A, Haas F, Paek SU, Heilmaier M, Hess J, Lange R, 
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