Prof. Dr. Wolfram Volk

Academic Career and Research Areas

Prof. Volk’s (b. 1968) research explores the fields of metal forming and casting. For forming technology, the focus is on the second stage of transforming semifinished products to finished components, in particular for sheet forming. The further development of simulation methods is also examined. As regards casting, the focus of his research is on continuous casting of light metals and copper base alloys and ways to create and work with composite casting.

Prof. Volk studied physics and then mechanics at Darmstadt University of Technology, graduating in 1994. He obtained his doctorate (1999) under Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Ehlers at the University of Stuttgart’s Institute of Mechanics. After that, Prof. Volk joined BMW AG in Munich. He held several positions in the department of forming technology, focusing on forming simulation, product and process planning and concept development. Prof. Volk has held the Chair of Metal Forming and Casting since April 1st, 2011.

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