Prof. Dr. Markus C. Amann

Deceased November 23, 2018


Research groups Halbleitertechnologie (Walter Schottky Institut)
Professor emeritus since March 31, 2018

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Academic Career and Research Areas

Prof. Amann (1950 - 2018) held the Chair of Semiconductor Technology at the Walter Schottky Institute from 1998 to 2018. His fields of research were optoelectronic components and III-V compound semiconductor technology, with a focus on innovative semiconductor lasers for sensor technology and broadband communication applications in the near and mid-infrared range, as well as terahertz radiation sources.

After completing his studies in electrical engineering at TUM, Prof. Amann received his doctorate in 1981. From that year until 1994, he played a key research role at Siemens AG, becoming a member of the senior management team for the development of laser diodes. Prior to becoming a full professor at TUM, he headed up the Chair of Technical Electronics at the University of Kassel until 1998. Prof. Amann was co-founder and advisory board member of VERTILAS GmbH. He was also a member of the VDE and a fellow of the IEEE.


  • Kaiser Friedrich research prize (2009)
  • Karl Heinz Beckurts-Prize (2004)
  • VDE/NTG-Prize (1981)

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