Prof. Dr. Thomas Baumann




​​​​​​​TUM School of Engineering and Design

Academic Career and Research Areas

The interests and mission of Prof. Baumann's group are to provide solutions for sustainable groundwater management and flexible renewable energy supply based on the need of the society for a sound description of subsurface processes and reference data to assess and manage concurrent use of our environment. Working from the microscale to the macroscale he is establishing the link between physical and chemical theories and field scale observations.

Professor Baumann studied geology at TUM from 1981 to 1989. After completing his doctorate in hydrogeology (1994, TUM, Faculty of Chemistry), he established the hydrogeology colloids research area at the Institute of Water Chemistry at TUM. After research stays at the University of Illinois and the University of California in Santa Barbara, he received his venia legendi in hydrogeology in 2006. Prof. Baumann has been working at the Chair of Hydrogeology since 2019. There he heads the Geofluids research area and was appointed adjunct professor.

T. Baumann, J. Bartels, M. Lafogler & F. Wenderoth (2017): Assessment of heat mining and hydrogeochemical reactions with data from a former geothermal injection well in the malm aquifer, bavarian molasse basin, germany, Geothermics 66.


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