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Prof. Dr. Shawn Bishop



Academic Career and Research Areas

The focus of Professor Bishop’s research is measuring nuclear reactions, cross-sections and coefficients which are of relevance to explosive nucleosynthesis in exploding novas and supernovas.
Professor Bishop (b. 1971) studied physics at McMaster University and the University of Victoria in Canada. After this he worked at TRIUMF National Laboratory in Vancouver (Canada) and received a doctorate from Simon Fraser University (Canada) in 2003. His scientific and postdoctoral activities took him to RIKEN National Laboratory in Saitama, Japan (2003–2008). Professor Bishop joined TUM in 2008 as professor of nuclear astrophysics.

Key Publications

Bishop S, Egli R: "Discovery Prospects for a Supernova Signature of Biogenic Origin". Icarus. 2011, in Press.


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