Prof. Dr. Stephanie E. Combs


Radiation Oncology

Academic Career and Research Areas

Professor Combs (*1976) is a leading expert in the field of radiation oncology and radiation therapy. Her key expertise is highly conformal radiation therapy (stereotactic treatment, IMRT/IGRT/ART, protons and carbon ions). Her scientific work includes areas including treatment optimization for brain and skull base tumors, biomarkers in radiation oncology, pediatric oncology, gastrointestinal oncology, uro-oncology, gynecological oncology, radiochemotherapy and radioimmunotherapy.

Prof. Combs studied medicine in Heidelberg, and in Norfolk and San Antonio, USA. After her graduation and promotion 2003, she worked as research associate in Heidelberg. Following her postdoctoral lecture qualification 2009, she was promoted in 2011 to vice chair of the radiation oncology department in Heidelberg. 2014, Prof. Combs was appointed professor and chair of the TUM department of radiation oncology. In 2015, she also took over the institute of radiation medicine of the Helmholtz Zentrum. From 2019 to 2022, Prof. Combs headed the TUM senate. In October 2022, Prof. Combs was elected as Dean of the TUM Faculty of Medicine.


  • Basic/Translational Senior Science of the American Society of Radiation Oncology (2019)
  • Robert Janker Award for Palliative Medicine (2012)
  • Award of the Behnken-Berger-Foundation Berlin (2010)
  • Herrmann Holthusen Award of the German Society of Radiation Oncology (DEGRO) (2010)
  • Sigrid and Karl-Georg Hengstenberger Award of the University of Heidelberg (2006)

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