Prof. Dr. Eugénia da Conceição-Heldt

Academic Career and Research Areas

Professor da Conceição-Heldt’s research interests include delegation of power to international organizations, European integration, global economic governance, two-level games, negotiation analysis, and accountability in global governance.

Professor da Conceição-Heldt received her PhD in political science from the Freie Universität Berlin and completed her postdoctoral teaching qualification (habilitation) at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. From March 2012 through June 2016, she held the Chair of International Politics at TU Dresden. Previous appointments include fellowships at the Center for European Studies at Harvard University, European University Institute in Florence, and Berlin Social Science Center (WZB). She is the author of over 20 peer-reviewed journal articles, four monographs, and has edited several special issues for peer-reviewed journals. Professor da Conceição-Heldt currently holds the Chair of European and Global Governance at the Hochschule für Politik München / TUM School of Governance.


  • Fulbright Fellowship at the Center for European Studies, Harvard University (2015)
  • Consolidator Grant, European Research Council (2012)
  • Heisenberg Fellowship, German Research Foundation (DFG) (2010)
  • Calouste Gulbenkian Fellowship, John Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies, Washington D.C. (rejected) (2009)
  • Jean Monnet Fellowship, European University Institute, Florence (2007-2008)

Key Publications (alle Publikationen)

da Conceição-Heldt E, Meunier S: “Speaking with a Single Voice: Internal Cohesiveness and External Effectiveness of the EU in Global Governance”. Journal of European Public Policy. 2014; 21(7): 961-979.


da Conceição-Heldt E: “Do Agents “Run Amok”? Agency Slack in the EU and US Trade Policy in the Doha Round”. Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis. 2013; 15(1): 21-36.


da Conceição-Heldt E: “Variation in EU member states' preferences and the Commission's discretion in the Doha Round”. Journal of European Public Policy. 2011; 18(3): 403-419.


da Conceição-Heldt E: Negotiating Trade Liberalization at the WTO: Domestic Politics and Bargaining Dynamics. London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2011.


da Conceição-Heldt E: “Who Controls Whom? Dynamics of Power Delegation and Agency Losses in EU Trade Politics”. Journal of Common Market Studies. 2010; 48(5): 1107-1126.