Prof. Dietrich Fink


Urban Architecture
Professor emeritus since 31.03.2024

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Academic Career and Research Areas

The Chair of Professor Dietrich Fink (b. 1958) is concerned with all design aspects of the conditions of contemporary architecture.The integration and controllability of all parameters affecting architectural design is the central focus of research and teaching.

The main activities are based on the development of future-proof urban concepts, and in particular the investigation of sustainable densification strategies and the development of innovative building concepts in interdisciplinary cooperation within TUM.

Professor Fink studied architecture at TUM. In 1991, after a period spent as a senior researcher at TUM’s Institute of Urban and Regional Planning, he and Thomas Jocher founded Fink+Jocher, a Munich-based company that has received numerous national and international awards. After his professorship at TU Berlin in 1999, he succeeded Professor Uwe Kiessler at TUM in 2004. Between 2006 and 2009 he was Dean of the Department of Architecture. Professor Fink is a member of the German Academy for Town and Regional Planning (DASL), the Association of German Architects (BDA) and the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts.


  • Benedictus Award Washington
  • German Architecture Award
  • German Steel Construction Award
  • Concrete Architecture Award
  • German Facade Award

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