Prof. Tina Haase


Chair of Fine Arts
Professor emeritus since 31.03.2024

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Sculptor Tina Haase (b. 1957) explores the qualities and properties of places, objects and spaces. She examines how the specific physical, visual or sociological context inspires works of art like objets, installations, architectural sculpture, performances and short films. Prof. Haase initially studied German language and literature and pedagogy in Cologne.

From 1979, she studied art at academies in Münster and Dusseldorf, where she was a master student of Fritz Schwegler. Travel bursaries enabled her to work in the USA and Italy. Her work is internationally renowned thanks to regular exhibitions in Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, the USA, the Netherlands, Austria and Poland. In addition to her sculptural work, she created a number of short films in the 1980s (Paranose Produktion ) and devised space-oriented choreography in the 1990s. In 2004, she became design lecturer at Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences. In 2007, she became full professor of visual design in TUM’s Faculty of Architecture. Tina Haase is a founding member of the Society of Artistic Design Teachers in Higher Education, a juror in numerous art-in-building competitions, a member of the German Artists' Association and a special representative for art on the design and planning advisory board of the city of Ingolstadt.


  • Lighting Design - German Design Award Winner (2023)
  • Barkenhoff Scholarship (2004/2007)
  • Support bunk Art Cologne (1993)
  • Chargesheimer Prize of the City of Cologne (1992)
  • Annual scholarship of the Minister of Culture NRW (1989)

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