Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans-Georg Herzog

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Academic Career and Research Areas

Prof. Herzog (*1964) conducts research in the field of highly available electric drives in mobile applications such as vehicles, (more electric and/or all electric) aircrafts and ships. His main areas of research are fault-tolerant actuators, multilevel inverters, loss mechanisms in soft magnetic materials as well as energy and power management.

Prof. Herzog studied and obtained his doctorate at the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering at TUM. He then worked as a development engineer and assistant to the Board of Management at Robert Bosch GmbH, Leinfelden-Echterdingen and Gerlingen. Since 2002, Prof. Herzog is head of the Associate Professorship of Energy Conversion Technology at TUM. He is Senior Member of IEEE and member of the VDE and VDI, resp.


  • Prize for Excellence in Teaching from the Free State of Bavaria

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