Prof. Dr.-Ing. Florian Holzapfel


Flight System Dynamics

Academic Career and Research Areas

Prof. Holzapfel’s (b. 1974) research field is flight system dynamics. His key interests are flight control, trajectory optimization, sensor technology, data fusion and navigation, modeling, simulation and parameter estimation, avionics and safety critical systems. Prof. Holzapfel takes a holistic approach to teaching and fosters close cooperation with a number of small and medium-sized aerospace companies, mainly in Bavaria.

After studying aerospace engineering at TUM and working in flight control, Prof. Holzapfel returned to the Chair of Aeronautical Engineering and Control at TUM to complete his doctorate under Prof. Gottfried Sachs (2004). After that, he spent several years working in the industry (IABG, Ottobrunn) before accepting an invitation from TUM in 2007. Prof. Holzapfel is Associate Fellow of the AIAA and a member of the DGLR.


  • AIAA Modeling and Simulation Technologies Conference 2004 - Best Paper Award (2005)
  • Willy Messerschmitt Prize of the Messerschmitt Foundation (2004)
  • Admission to the Maximilianeum Foundation (1993)

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