Prof. Dr. Dietrich Barth

Honorary Professor at TUM since 1990




Professor Barth studied veterinary medicine and received his PhD ( from the University of Munich. He subsequently worked for 2 years as an assistant and locum tenens in 16 different veterinary practices. In 1966 he went into the pharmaceutical industry where he worked as head of clinical research for veterinary drugs and feed additives at MSD Sharp & Dohme, Munich. The main focus of this was position on parasitology which led to German board certification in veterinary parasitology. As of 1975 Professor Barth was director of animal science research at MSD. In this role he was responsible for the research and development of veterinary drugs in eight European countries. At the same time he was head of the Kathrinenhof Research Center in Lauterbach/Bavaria – an accredited center for training and professional development in the field of veterinary parasitology. In 1982 he accepted an assignment to teach parasitic diseases at TUM. In 1990 he became an honorary professor. During the course of his academic career Professor Barth published 98 papers and 44 abstracts and supervised the thesis of 10 degree (Diplom) and 8 doctoral candidates. He has been retired since 2001.


    • A member of 9 scientific societies (including 6 parasitological societies) and of national (DFG Ethics Commission) and international (anthelmintic guidelines) expert commissions.


    • Honorary member of the Slovak Society for Parasitology (2000)