Prof. Dr. Michael Eineder

Honorary Professor at TUM since 2013


Remote Sensing Technology


Professor Eineder is a specialist in Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR). He has been with the German Aerospace Center (DLR) since 1990 where he currently heads the SAR Signal Processing Department of the Remote Sensing Technology Institute. Professor Eineder has worked on a series of international synthetic aperture radar missions, including SIR-C/X-SAR (1994), SRTM/X-SAR (2000) in cooperation with NASA, ERS-1/2 and ENVISAT/ASAR (ESA), TerraSAR-X (2007) and TanDEM-X (2010).
Furthermore, Professor Eineder heads several HGF research projects focusing on the application of SAR in geophysics and surveying. He has been a part-time lecturer on remote sensing at TUM since 2006 and an honorary professor since 2013. He holds 4 international patents and has published more than 200 papers, 28 of them refereed (2013/5).


    • Head of SAR Signal Processing Department at DLR’s Remote Sensing Technology Institute (since 2007)
    • Leader of a TUM IGSSE research group (2008-2011) and of two HGF Alliance research groups (since 2011 and 2012)
    • Part time lecturer at TUM (since 2006)
    • R&D team leader for SAR at DLR’s Remote Sensing Technology Institute and the German Remote Sensing Data Center (1998-2007)
    • Scientist at DLR (1990-1998)


    • IEEE Senior Member (2010)
    • IGARSS Prize Award for a paper entitled: “Split band interferometry versus absolute ranging with wideband SAR systems”, together with Professor Richard Bamler (2004)
    • ISPRS U.V. Helava Award for a paper entitled: “The shuttle radar topography mission - a new class of digital elevation models acquired by space borne radar”, with B. Rabus (2002)