Prof. Peter Pfab

Honorary Professor at TUM since 2010


University, Campus and Research Buildings


After completing his high school education in 1971 at Icking Gymnasium and doing his national service, Professor Pfab studied architecture at TUM from 1972 to 1977. He then spent two years working at architect’s office Franz Kießling in Munich where he predominantly focused on sacred architecture. In 1979 he embarked on a post graduate trainee program at the Bavarian Building Authority which he successfully completed after passing the state examination and being given the title of Government Architect (Regierungsbaumeister).

Since 1981 Professor Pfab has held various executive positions at the Bavarian Building Authority covering the entire spectrum of government construction projects.Since 1990 he has been chiefly responsible for university, campus and research buildings in Bavaria. This covers all university buildings, including the University of Television and Film Munich (HFF). Since 1980 he has been a member of the Bavarian Chamber of Architects (ByAK) where he has served on various committees and working groups. In 1999 he was elected to the representative assembly of the Bavarian Chamber of Architects. He has been a lecturer at TUM since 2005.


  • Senior department official at the Supreme Building Authority in the Bavarian Department of the Interior – head of university construction in Bavaria (since 2000)
  • Executive director of building – head of the University Building Authority Munich (since 1995)
  • Director of building – deputy head, Building Department at TUM (since 1993)
  • Senior building councilor – head of division at the Supreme Building Authority (since 1990)
  • Building councilor – department head, State Building Office, Eichstätt (since 1981)