Prof. Dr. Dietmar Theis

Honorary Professor at TUM since 2004


Optoelectronic Displays


Professor Theis completed his high school education in 1964 at the German High School in Istanbul/Turkey. He subsequently studied physics at TU Berlin, finishing in 1970. Until 1976 he worked as a research assistant at the Institute for Solid State Physics at TU Berlin. During this time he worked on his doctoral thesis on the optical properties of solids. In 1977 Professor Theis joined the Corporate Research and Development Division of Siemens AG to work on projects in the field of optoelectronics and power electronics. From 1990 until his retirement in 2008 he steadily moved towards management in the areas of research policy, research marketing, international university collaboration and represented Siemens on political science advisory boards. He also advised the Siemens Managing Board on these issues. Together with colleagues from the Corporate Communications Department he published the Siemens Research and Innovation magazine for more than ten years. He has been lecturing on optoelectronic displays and flat panels at TUM since 1997.


    • Head of the Marketing and Cooperation Department at Siemens AG (1998-2008)
    • Head of Technical/Scientific Information at Siemens AG (1990-1997)
    • Head of Power Semiconductors at Siemens AG (1986-1989)
    • Corporate Research at Siemens AG: Head of the optoelectronics laboratory (1977-1983)
    • Research assistant at TU Berlin (1971-1976)


    • Fellow of the Engineering Academy of the Czech Republic (2006)
    • Recipient of the Karl Scheel Prize awarded by the German Physical Society (DPG) (1977)
    • Recipient of a German National Merit Foundation scholarship (Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes) (1966)