Prof. Volker von Tein

Honorary Professor at TUM since 1992


Helicopter Engineering


Professor von Tein studied mechanical engineering at TUM (Dipl.-Ing). Afterwards he worked in the German aerospace industry where he was involved in various aircraft, helicopter and space programs. Over time his contribution gradually shifted from work on the details and subsystems to concepts, preparation/proof of technologies, program management and finally to general management responsibilities. Many of these programs were conducted within the framework of international, mainly European, cooperations. The most important were:
•    Helicopters: Bo 105, BK 117(EC 145), Bo 108(EC 135), Tiger, NH 90, ALH (India)
•    Military aircraft: Tornado, Eurofighter, A 400
•    Civil aircraft A 318/319/320/321, A 300/310, A 330/340, A 3XX(A 380)
•    Space: Ariane4/5, Hermes, Sänger, various satellites


    • Board member, aircraft/power engineering, DLR, Cologne (1998-2002)
    • Chief operating officer, Airbus Industrie, Toulouse (1993-1998)
    • President and general manager, Communications Systems and Space Transportation, DASA/MBB, Ottobrunn (1990-1993)
    • Senior vice-president, Helicopter Development, MBB, Ottobrunn (1981-1990)
    • Senior vice-president, Combat Aircraft Development, MBB, Ottobrunn (1977-1981)


    • DLR’s experimental helicopter ACT / FHS (EC 135) has been named after him