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Academic Career and Research Areas

The primary research area of Professor Huckle (b. 1953) is numerical linear algebra and its application in fields such as informatics and physics. His work focuses on solving linear problems on parallel computers, image processing and reconstruction, partial differential equations, and structured matrices. He is also interested in regularization and multigrid methods, preconditioning systems of linear equations, and tensor approximation of high-dimensional problems.

After completing a degree program in mathematics and physics education and in pure mathematics, Professor Huckle received a doctorate in 1985 and acquired his postdoctoral teaching qualification (habiliation) in 1991 at the University of Würzburg. A German research Foundation (DFG) grant enabled him to spend time performing research at Stanford University (1993 – 1994). In 1995 Professor Huckle joined TUM as professor of scientific computing. He has also been a member of the Mathematics Faculty since 1997.

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