Prof. Dr. Susanne Ihsen

Deceased August 20, 2018

Academic Career and Research Areas

Professor Ihsen (1964 -2018) conducted research in gender studies with the goal of understanding the form and structure of organizations and their processes, in particular, within the engineering and natural sciences in an effort to enhance their innovation potential for humans and their technological development. This includes gender and diversity in (scientific) organizations, engineering education, the engineering profession and research as a whole.

After completing a training as a state accredited nursery and preschool teacher in Bielefeld, Prof. Ihsen studied social sciences at the University of Duisburg and RWTH Aachen,receiving her doctorate from RWTH in 1999. She then joined the Association of German Engineers (VDI), where she served as head of the Profession and Career Department in 2001. She was appointed to a professorship at TUM in 2004. She also served as deputy chair of the Technology & Diversity Equal Opportunity excellence cluster, chair of the Gender and Diversity working group of the Société Européenne pour la Formation des Ingénieurs (SEFI), and as a board member of the European Journal of Engineering Education.

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