Prof. Dr. Robert T. König



Academic Career and Research Areas

Professor König conducts research in the area of quantum mechanics with a special focus on mathematical methods with applications to quantum information processing.
Following his studies in physics at ETH Zurich, Professor König received his PhD from the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at the University of Cambridge, UK, in 2007. He subsequently worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the California Institute of Technology and the IBM TJ Watson Research Center. Beginning in 2012 he was an assistant professor at the Institute for Quantum Computing of the University of Waterloo. Since 2015, he has been assistant professor at TUM.


  • Fellowship for advanced researchers, Swiss National Science Foundation (2010)
  • Smith/Rayleigh-Knight-Prize, University of Cambridge (2006)
  • Fellowship of the Janggen-Pöhn Foundation (declined, 2005)
  • ETH-Medal and Willi-Studer-Prize, ETH Zurich (2003)
  • Pólya-Prize, Department for Mathematics and Physics, ETH Zurich (2003)

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