Prof. Dr. Rainer Kolisch


Operations Management

Academic Career and Research Areas

Professor Kolisch’s research deals with the analysis and design of service processes using quantitative models and methods.

After earning his undergraduate degree in Economics from TU Darmstadt, Professor Kolisch completed his PhD in 1994 at Kiel University on operations scheduling with scarce resources. In 1991 he acquired his Postdoctoral Teaching Qualification (Habilitation) in Kiel on the topic of production planning in order-based manufacturing. From 1999 to 2002 he taught Business Studies at TU Darmstadt. In 2002 he was appointed professor of Industrial Management at TU Dresden. Dr. Kolisch has been a professor of Operations Management at TUM since 2002.


  • Best Teaching Award of the School of Management in the category of big lectures between 2002 - 2022.
  • Excellence in Reviewing Award des European Journal of Operational Research (2022)
  • Listed among the 10 most research-intensive professors of Business Administration in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the Handelsblatt (2005)
  • Habilitation Fellow of the DFG (1996-1998)

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