Academic Career and Research Areas

Prof. Lang’s (b. 1961) research covers energy-efficient building, in particular looking at ways to optimize the building skin from an environmental, functional, structural and design viewpoint. His work focuses on ways to reduce buildings’ fossil fuel requirements and on the use of renewable sources of energy. He includes the primary energy content of building materials and systems in this work. His other research interests include ways to create sustainable residential and urban structures.

Prof. Lang studied at TUM and the Architectural Association, London. He traveled to the University of California Los Angeles on a Fulbright scholarship and obtained his M.Arch.II (UCLA) qualification in 1990. He completed his doctorate at TUM in 2000. Prior to becoming a full professor at TUM, he was professor of architecture in sustainable design at the University of Texas, Austin, until 2010. While there, he was Director of the Center for Sustainable Development. Prof. Lang is currently Director of the Center for Energy Efficient and Sustainable Design and Building at TUM.


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