Prof. Dr. Dieter Langosch


Biopolymer Chemistry

Professor erimitus since April 1, 2023

Academic Career and Research Areas

The research interests of Prof. Langosch (b. 1958) are centered on the structure-function relationship of integral membrane proteins. The key area of investigation is how the interaction and dynamics of membrane-spanning protein domains regulate biological processes. These can include membrane fusion with neurotransmitter release and intramembrane proteolysis.

Prof. Langosch studied chemistry at Aalen University of Applied Sciences. He obtained his M.S. in biochemistry in Baton Rouge, USA. He completed his doctorate in biology at the University of Heidelberg and obtained his lecturer qualification from the University of Frankfurt. After receiving a Heisenberg grant, he led the “Structural Neurobiology” junior research group at the University of Heidelberg. Prof. Langosch has held a Chair at TUM since 2001. He has worked at the University of California, Irvine, as a visiting professor.


  • Speaker of the DFG research unit „Understanding Intramembranproteolysis“ since 2015
  • Chair of the Board of Examiners „studium naturale“ 2009 – 2018
  • Heisenberg Programme of the DFG (1995)
  • Ph.D. Fellowship of the Chemical Industry Fund (1986)
  • Fulbright Exchange Fellowship (1984)

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